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Staff Store Information


This page contains information to aid you in using the Cru Staff Store. This includes a description of the main store features, use of the enhanced cart and checkout operation.

There are multiple ways to find resources including the search box function, the alphabetical product listing page and the quick order page, as well as the Browse by Category and Browse by Ministry catalog pages. Discounts, return policy, shipping charges and taxes are explained on the Terms and Conditions page.


Store features include secure Cart Login, a Wish List, access to your Orders History, enhanced shopping cart page, multiple sort options on catalog pages, additional detailed product information shown on resources pages, and display of related products and other products commonly purchased with the resource items in the past.

Use of the Relay Log In is required to access pages on the Staff Store, but the Relay ID login is independent from the Cart login used to retrieve your registered Staff Store personal profile information for checkout. Registration of your personal profile is optional and is not required to place an order. However, certain features such as Orders History, or retrieval of a Wish List requires registration of your profile and Cart Login when entering the site to access those functions.

Payment options may be selected for Credit Card, Staff Account Transfer or Chart Fields payment methods. When using the Credit Card payment method you will not provide the credit card information in your profile since the cart does not now support saving credit card information in the profile, but you will need to enter your Credit Card information on the final checkout page when you place your order. Payment option information may be entered in the profile for the Staff Account Transfer or Chart Fields payment methods. If you choose to register your profile, you will be asked to enter a user name and password in your profile, which may be used for the Cart Login or Returning Customer entries during future visits to the Staff Store. These entries do not necessarily have to be the same as the Relay user name and password entries, but can be if you enter them.

The Cart section of the left sidebar implements a “mini cart” function which displays the number of items currently in the cart and the subtotaled value of items in the cart. This section also contains links to View Cart, Checkout, Wish List and Orders History. The last three links will request the user to log in if they have not already logged in. Products of interest to you may be placed into your Wish List from any resource page, then later retrieved and added to your shopping cart when you are ready to purchase them. The Orders History page allows you to search for orders you have placed within a specified time frame. You will then see a list of orders and may view a receipt with all details of a selected order, including the current status of the order. Orders available for viewing will include only those placed after you first registered on the new version of the Staff Store.


The shopping cart includes some enhanced features to aid your shopping experience. The cart displays the title and a thumbnail image linked back to the resource page for that item, as well as a short description of the resource. If the resource has item options, your selected option will be shown and you may click Edit Options to change your selection. You may also place a different value in the item quantity box and click “Update item” to enter the change. When an extra volume discount occurs which is in addition to the normal online discount, the extra discount will be computed and shown at the bottom of the page along with a discounted subtotal amount. This discounted subtotal results in the same overall purchase price for ordered items as in the previous version of the store, while allowing the customer to see more clearly the value of the extra discounts.

If you are logged into the cart and have placed items into the cart, but have no activity in the site for 30 minutes or more, your log in time will expire and the shopping cart will appear to be empty. However, when you again log in, your items will reappear in the cart. This same feature will allow you to retrieve items left in the cart after many hours or days. However, when you begin a new session and do not log in prior to placing other items into the cart, any items previously left in the cart will be removed.


The checkout uses three steps including the Personal Details page to either log in as a returning registered customer or to enter your profile data, the Shipping & Payment page to select shipping and payment options, and the Review Order page to verify your order prior to submission. You must have provided either your staff account number or Chart Fields entries in your profile information if you select one of those payment methods during checkout.

Users who have not logged in to the cart prior to checkout will see the Personal Details page where they will either enter their user name and password in the Returning Customer section, or use the Click Here link in the New Customer section to bring up the Enter Personal Details form. If you want to register your account profile with the Staff Store, please fill in the optional Username and Password fields at the bottom of the form.

If you wish to ship to a different address, check the adjacent box to see the different address fields. You do not need to fill in the Username and Password fields at the bottom of the form if you do not wish to register your profile.

The Review Order page displays all details of the order as well as links to modify your profile, or to change the shipment and payment methods. If you are using the Credit Card payment method you will also be required to enter your credit card information at the bottom of the Review Order page . Error messages will be displayed if you failed to provide either your staff account number or Chart Fields entries in your profile if one of those payment methods was selected.